I’m taking a day off Tomorrow . My company didn’t allow

I’m taking a day off
Tomorrow . My company didn’t allow any vacation after maternity leave because they think having baby’s is vacation enough. But new year so I get some days. I am trying to take care of me instead of being destructive in spending etc . My oldest will be in preschool so it will be a nice day with just my seven month old .

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5 hours ago
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Unfortunately yes. Pretty much we are given a set number of days of vacation a year. My baby was born in May so I had to use all vacation and sick days allotted to me before I could take unpaid leave. So come august to December , I had no personal time or vacation time. Many of us have tried to argue against this. They don’t care. It actually is messing with me wanting more kids- what if I have a baby In January? I’d have no days off from April to December!! So messed up


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