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I’m struggling so very much with my shopping addiction and

I’m struggling so very much with my shopping addiction and I feel hopeless. Each month I tell myself this is the month I will stop but I just can’t seem to. I buy something every day. Sometimes multiple things. It’s always something I don’t need. Sometimes it’s expensive and sometimes it isn’t. In total, I always spend more money than I have every month but that doesn’t seem to stop me. When I run out of money, I start adding things to my credit card. I’ve built up a significant amount of debt and it’s starting to feel like the point of no return. If I don’t stop now, I might not be able to keep my wonderful life the way it is. I think it’s important to see the good in things and I’m so happy with how my life is now. I know I’d be just as happy or even happier if I stopped shopping or felt I had some control over it. I’m not sure what to do. Have you all found anything that works?

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May 21

Debtor's Anonymous has been the onlybthingvthatvvhas worked for me. I have 125 days of not usingbdebt or compulsive shopping. A strict spending plan and meetings by phone. It's not easy but it's so worth it. I feel free and new. Give it a look online. I get tempted but it really comes downbto just stopping. DA helpsbyou cope with the feelings that come once you stop.


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