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Hi there. Can anyone suggest a good online website blocker?

Hi there. Can anyone suggest a good online website blocker? I found one called SelfControl that works in 24 hour increments. If that doesn't work, I may look for something that lasts for longer stretches. I've decided I need to add some additional reinforcements to my anti-shopping arsenault (Going to deactivate my FB account for a couple months as well. It is amazing the number of ways I can find to act out obsessive!y!) I am struggling with not shopping, but not drowning (thrashing around a bit though, still trying to keep afloat) .

Mar 13

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I purchased an 11.00 dollar item on line. I went home and tried to purchase something else on that same site. I couldn't do it because every time you purchase something you have to re enter all of your info and that's include your credit card info. The lady who watches over my checking account for me also hangs onto my credit card. That's a real blessing! It was especially yesterday when I had the urge to get back on line and try to re order something. I couldn't and that was fantastic! I guess that's one of my blockers you could say having this lady hang onto my credit card as long as I don't order from a site where they keep your info including your credit card number. Good luck with your blockers!


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