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Hi, i'm not doing good at all i want to stop shopping, its o

Hi, i'm not doing good at all i want to stop shopping, its out of hand i want to stop and focus on having fun in my life.

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Nov 7

Thank so much all of those are great ideas, i do need to read more and exercise, i'm just lazy on that part. Stawblue, i'm going to try some of those ideas.

Nov 8

Ok let us know what helps keep up the good work and progress!! You will get through this!

Dec 2

well hi, its getting a little better but not much. to be honest its like i don't want help or something i get mad or sad and that's the first thing i want to do is buy something like clothes or shoes. Me and my husband just bought a house and i'm going threw clothes and shoes i see some stuff i bought twice, i'm getting ready to give some of away, most people i talk to they tell me its nothing to worry about it not nothing bad, but it is i want to know that i don't have to do this when i get angry.


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