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Hi. I am a shopping addict. Over the course of the past 10 y

Hi. I am a shopping addict. Over the course of the past 10 years, I have maxed out my credit cards 3 times. I am currently in over $50000 debt. Due to my addiction, my parents have had to put their wants aside and bail me out three times. I have lied to them countless times about my addiction and my finances. I am not sure yet what triggers my addictive behaviors, but I now am in so deep that I'm unsure I'll ever be able to live by myself or take care of myself. Due to my behaviors I have to be put on an allowance. I am so angry with myself and disappointed in myself, as the rest of my family is. My best friend turned her back on me a month ago which has made things even worse. I am scared I'll never be able to be fiscally responsible.

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Aug 15

You need to take that step. Get the help you need. I can recommend someone to help you with your debts but you have to first decide to be financially responsible and go on a cash only diet for the time being.

Aug 18

I understand being in a lot of debt. Right now I am in 65K of debt. When I was in my 20's I was in debt and I borrowed money from my dad but I would always pay him back. Eventually I pulled myself out and before I got married I was debt free. Well four years later, a cancer diagnosis, I am a hot mess. Thankfully, my husband and I have separate accounts because we are a blended family and he told me you have been in debt before and you have gotten yourself out of it before and you will again. My husband is a CFO and has an awesome credit score and at first I was really upset but then I began to understand his position.

Aug 19

I’ve been going through it for years after college during high school when I made my own little money always spending it. I mean just buying anything I feel makes me feel better when I’m down life is tough or an award if I accomplished something. I had my cc debt paid off before I had my daughter thanks to my husband. I finally told him I got in debt again just recently. I had to ask for help be bailed out. Now I’m trying to find other outlets and it’s tough I feel pretty a lone sometimes. I feel upset now cause I feel I’m being punished for having an addictive problem. Now I’m wanting to shop but can’t. I’m glad you know you have problem and are getting help even if reaching out online. I’m hoping to start going to a group but I’m nervous about that as well. Sending prayers your way. Hope you find a friend who understands and knows it a problem like being addicted to drugs. Stay strong!! I know my husband loves me my child loves me my family loves me. It’s not always easy to love yourself when this happens but try best you can. I need positive talk.

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