Hi, could someone maybe give me some advice? I'm not a shopp

Hi, could someone maybe give me some advice? I'm not a shopping adict but I think my cousin may be, she's shopping a lot online and she stores all of it in the office where we both work. That's how I can tell that it's getting out of hand because there is around 50 unpacked boxes because she never even looked at those. So what I wanted to ask is how can I approach this? For her to realise that she needs help? Because we are not actually that close she is much older than me and now we talk once every six months. I thought about maybe sum up his much money she spend on all of that but I"m afraid it would be to confrontational especially coming from me a person she's not even close with. So does anyone has any advice?

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Feb 16

She sounds like a shopping addict to me - those were some of my main habits when I was at my worst, too. My adult son finally called me on it and it took many, many discussions before I could start to break the cycle. Shopping addiction can take a real hold on you.

Since you are related, you must know some other relations you two share - does she have a husband, or grown up kids? I would talk to them first and let them know what you have observed at the office, and then let them handle it. Like any bad addiction, a shopping addict is deep in denial, and could easily get angry if you call them on their habit. There are also websites on shopping addiction that help and give advice to relatives about how to talk to the afflicted person. Good luck, and it is so sweet that you care!


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