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Hello. Thanks for the support. It really helps.Well here is

Hello. Thanks for the support. It really helps.Well here is my day 1 check-in. I read the 2nd chapter of the book and it was such a great reminder of the importance of working with my triggers as they occur (not just in retrospect, when I feel very wise and think I have it all figured out). I have watched myself today....put on a new yoga bra, "wow, this looks good on me...I should buy another one (or three)." Or the pop-up ads on my facebook. Found myself strolling through an on-line store from one of those links. Didn't buy anything but this is sabotaging behaviour. So, made it through the day but I know there is lots more to mine here. For instance, I recognize how I don't buy things to impress as much as to belong...has deep roots in my past. And I can see how as soon as painful thoughts come up in my mind it wants to slither off to thinking about shopping. Got my notebook to make a Shopping Journal...will start making notes as triggers arise. Talk to you all tomorrow :)

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Feb 14, 2018

I missed this post when I was here yesterday. I've been trying to keep up, but I find it hard to see things on this board sometimes. I have had days like that too, where I catch myself browsing. I don't actually buy anything, but then I wonder what I was doing browsing in the first place. It's great you recognize some of the deeper rooted issues at work here. I think that is SUCH a huge key in making progress. Thanks for sharing with us. It certainly helps me feel less alone to understand a bit of what you are going through right now. I have NEVER judged others as harshly as I have judged myself, and when people openly share their struggles and I have compassion for them, it helps me have compassion for myself.


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