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Hello all! Yesterday I reached a new milestone of thirty con

Hello all! Yesterday I reached a new milestone of thirty consecutive days of making no purchases of items for only myself! I'm feeling so proud of myself for this. And I have an observation to share with you all regarding the one time in the past thirty days that I did go on ebay to cash in my ebay bucks (less than $10) and get something for myself for FREE. I didn't enjoy the browsing for that one free item the way I used to. I was pretty surprised to find that I found the process tedious, and I felt I could have spent that time better doing something more meaningful. This is not a feeling I have ever had previously when browsing ebay. I was only on there long enough to find my one free item, and then I got off the computer to go read a library book. This is a huge change in my mindset regarding shopping. Additionally, in this thirty day period of no shopping for myself I also listed more than sixty items for sale on ebay, all of them things I bought on impulse in the past. Before when I would list items for sale on ebay I would also shop while I was selling. I usually ended up spending all the money I made and then some. This past month I've set up my listings and I treated it like a job. I knew every time I set out to list things for sale that I wasn't also there to browse. Each time I listed things for sale I set a goal of how many items to list and worked toward the goal until I met it, then I got off the computer to reward myself for a job well done with some reading or writing, or something else creative that I enjoy doing. I firmly believe that we can change our habitual patterns regarding shopping. This past thirty days is the only thirty day period in the past twenty years that I didn't mindlessly shop for something. If I can make this change SO CAN YOU. So, let's all encourage each other to stop over shopping!!! Thank you to everyone in this group for being here and for giving each other support.

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Feb 12

@iris_flower_artist Thanks! I knew you would understand. Whenever I discover something new, or a new question pops into my head, or I get a creative idea I get such a burst of excited feelings! It is a natural high. Doing the research is also a lot of fun. We have a brand new library in our downtown which I haven't been to yet, but now I have a real reason to go down and get me a library card. I'm hoping some books going back to the 50's through 70's might give me the answers I seek. Japan was so influenced by China in early centuries, I am very curious to see how that played out in the arts.


@sallytht I am like that too! I'm a sponge for new knowledge! I love learning new information and new skills too. Since I canceled my Amazon Prime and quit buying for myself I've collected library cards for three cities around here. I have a card for my local library system but I also was able to get library cards for two of the larger cities south of me. Here a lot of the library systems will give you a card if you live in a nearby city. So, that's opening up lots more options for me for discovering new books and new things to learn. I hope you're able to go visit the new library in your downtown area soon and get a library card. And I hope when you do that you're able to find some resources there to quench your thirst for knowledge about the artistic influences that China had on Japan way back when. That sounds fascinating to me too! Enjoy your research!

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Feb 15

@iris_flower_artist Hello again! Well, I won the vase - no one else bid on it. The reason the price was so low is it has a big chip out of the rim - but there was no decoration on that chip, so all the hand-painting is intact. Someday in the future I might want to get the vase repaired. For now I will just enjoy it and embark on my journey of understanding its meaning. It is my intention that this will be my only purchase of non-essential things this month. In fact, I am going to keep track of how many things I can get out of this house this month versus this one item that I bring in. I have already sold and shipped seven items I sold on Ebay, I would be so happy if I can sell or donate 20 to 30 items this month. That is now my goal.


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