Hello All, Since we're all looking for things to do with ou

Hello All,
Since we're all looking for things to do with our time instead of shopping I thought I'd share links with you all to the blog posts I've been making this weekend. If anyone else here is blogging please reply with your blog link. I'd love to read everyone's blogs, for those who have one! Here's my two links!



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Thank you, @GlitterLover! That's currently my favorite post on that blog. I always remind myself that the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is ATTITUDE. So, I try to apply that in all areas of my life. Adventuring is fun when you *choose* that.

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Mar 18

@iris_flower_artist I will go back to those blogs of yours and read more posts soon. So nice of you to do that - the writing and posting so others can see it. And now I want to tell you that I am seriously thinking of getting back to a writing project of my own. For many years I have had an idea for a movie about a young woman whose beloved father dies, and in not wanting to let go, she does everything possible to raise his spirit. I am going to start writing this! I want to see how far I can go in three months' time, to the end of June. I think this will be a great project to keep me off of shopping sites. You have helped inspire me to start writing again.


@sallytht I'm delighted to learn that you're getting back to writing!! I'm writing in those two blogs semi-regularly along with writing stage plays and also a children's book. I hope your screenplay project brings you much creative satisfaction!! I find that it's easier to get writing done if I give myself firm deadlines for finishing projects. I see you're similarly inclined to write to deadlines. Do you outline before you write? I never do.


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