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Hello, all. Hope I am posting in the right place. I did the

Hello, all. Hope I am posting in the right place. I did the shopping program with April Benson a few years ago and it really helped me but as I mentioned earlier, I have had a lapse and need to get back on track. I can feel the physical impact...I am jittery and distracted all the time, keep thinking of wanting to go to my favourite online store, to the sale area, and buy more and more and more. It is like drug withdrawal....unbelievable how powerful this stuff is on the brain. So, okay, I am going to use you folks as a way of accountability because that works well for me. I take commitments very seriously. To begin with, I need a detox, so I am committing to no shopping for myself for the next 30 days...until March 10th! During this time I will check in here once every day and report how I am doing. One of the anti-shopping messages I received growing up was: "Save your best things for company". So this month, I am going to go into my closet and pull out my 'best' things and enjoy them. I always feel so guilty about my purchases, especially after a binge, that I feel ashamed of wearing them. Instead, I am going to make a concerted effort to shop in my wardrobe and look for the best to wear every day. Also, I will read chapter two of the book this week.

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@YogaPants Welcome! I"m glad you're here with us. I hope checking in with us helps you get back on track with your over shopping and that coming here will also help you stay on track. I've been in this group for right at a month now and it has helped me. I'm on my second round of the April Benson text messaging program for over shoppers and between the two, and with choices I have made regarding joint banking with my husband and stepping away from social media for collectors I've made significant progress with beating my over shopping. I hope this group proves to be just as helpful for you.

Feb 12

Your story sounds all to familiar to me. I'm trying to cut back on the shopping myself. Some people just don't understand how addictive it can be. We're all in this together yoga pants!

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Feb 13

I'm so glad you're here for support! We understand what you are going through. I think shopping your closet is an excellent idea. Further shaming yourself for decisions you already made does not accomplish anything good. Enjoying what you already have can help you feel like you have plenty and boost your self esteem. You can do this!


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