Good. I paid off last credit card. I am starting to save. I

Good. I paid off last credit card. I am starting to save. It doesn’t feel like enough because it seems like many people on here I am very all people nothing. But the savings and sense of security will build up over time. In the meantime I am trying to be present and allow happiness as it happens. I am always trying to give myself props and hear compliments really hear them. I usually brush them off and log the negative . So someone said “good job mama” and meant it. Someone said “I love your hair (“hey that’s free, unlike an outfit, cool). My daughter laughing innocently and joyously. All happy moments. All free. I also didn’t press go on purchases. My stop mechanism of no credit card is working to not make excuses to use “next months money. “ it’s really making me accountable. Work is still stressful but I’m hoping intentionally refocusing will bring me joy and allow me to clearly see what needs to be done to remedy that when it can be.

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Feb 22

That is massive progress!


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