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Good evening. I've been a member almost a week. I've been bu

Good evening. I've been a member almost a week. I've been busy working and knitting in my spare time. It keeps me busy. But I still pick up the laptop whenever I feel overwhelmed to see if I've missed any sales. I have had a nasty eBay habit for a long time. I tell myself that if I'm buying something at such a bargain, I don't have to be concerned with my purchasing. Which is why I own so many winter coats. I didn't buy the new crockpot... not yet anyway. I'm sick of shopping. It runs my life. It's such a waste of time, not to mention money! I wish to be free of these urges.

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Jan 13

and with work you can conquer them!

Jan 14

I do the ebay rewards where you accumulate points. I also sell on Ebay. I mean you can get some cool things on Ebay. But sometimes you have to be really honest if what you bought really bought you happiness. I feel like I have been better on Ebay this year. And I am starting to have a budget for things that I really need. This year I bought some Western Chief rain snow boots. It snowed this week. And that $50.00 that I sent at a local store could go into my best deals purchases that I bought last year. is a good app to see all of your credit cards. I also bought an airfryer from Target for Black Friday. Good Price, and I use it all of the. My relatives got the same airfryer for Christmas on sale. It really should be a joy to go shopping --for things that are a necessity and things that are more for luxury. I think all of wish we were free of these urges to overshop. For me, it is like trying to be too perfect and eating all 12 doughnuts in a box rather than just eating one doughnut and truly enjoying the one doughnut.

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