I'm a new member. I'm 76 years old. 18 months ago I develop

I'm a new member. I'm 76 years old. 18 months ago I developed shingles in my right arm and hand. When the rash and sores disappeared, my hand was compromised and useless. I am unable to grasp things, write, or exert any pressure. My hand was painful and always swollen. Doctor put me on gabapentin for nerve pain and I went to occupational therapy for help in every day life. It is less painful today but still basically useless. I am able to grasp things a little more from therapy and practice. Occasionally I wear a pressure glove to help with the swelling. The ulnar and median nerves were affected but most prominently the ulnar nerve. The muscle near the palm of my hand is atrophied after all this time. My thumb does not move on its own. Has anyone out there ever had shingles in the hand?

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Dec 2, 2016

Have you considered sports rehab? They might be able to build up your hand muscles so it is a bit more mobile. Hugs!

Dec 3, 2016

Thank you I will look into it. I've been squeezing balls and grips but let's see what other toys sports therapy might have. Hugs back


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