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I'm 51 and was just diagnosed with Shingles today and all I

I'm 51 and was just diagnosed with Shingles today and all I know at this point is the pain is maddening

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May 2, 2017

@NeedaBreakNow I agree. Divorce. Especially if you feel he's affecting your physical well-being. Time to go.

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May 2, 2017

My dad and niece get those. They are painful and based on stress I'm told. (((Hugs)))

May 2, 2017

@Catherine51 as a 51 year old man, i can tell you that your guy has major issues, and you are not one of them. men can be pigs with our eyes and word toward another woman, but when you really love your wife, then thats is the only woman you "want". men will look, we are visual creatures. you are not the problem. there is someone out there who will crawl through fire and broken glass to be with you. trust in that. dump you serial cheating husband and find real love. that kind of man makes me sad to be one.


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