I'm 51 and was just diagnosed with Shingles today and all I

I'm 51 and was just diagnosed with Shingles today and all I know at this point is the pain is maddening

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Mar 20

I've had it since I was 10, you do learn to manage it

Mar 20

I believe it was brought on by my husband's constant infidelities. I recently discovered that he had moved past having affairs with just women but discovered he had also had them with men. For our entire 10 years of marriage, he has had at least one or more affair(s) every year of our marriage. I've caught him red handed and he still denies what he does. How do I cope with this?

Mar 20

I know this might sound crazy but I always feel better when serving someone in need. This won't fix your troubles but it's a healthy way to take your mind off your own world when you see someone else is going through a tough time. Good luck to you I really feel for you keep your chin up people are out there who care.


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