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I was researching grief counseling in my community I came across a website for counseling at my local hospice center, it said for the community but I thought it was probably just for people involved with a death at the hospice center. I decided to call the number anyways just to find out info. The very nice lady said that they offer free services to anyone in the community any age that lost anyone for any ailment or accidental death. She said most hospice centers offer this. I thought I would share because Im on a limited income now since loosing my husband and being seriously injured and can't afford to pay for counseling and they have a great program!


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great informational post hon

love D :)

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Thank you. I went to the grieving support group at my church and there was only me and the leader. It was nice, but I don't want to be the only one talking all the time. So thanks for that advice.

<3 Nik

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Very welcome!

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Very welcome!

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My name Erica . My mom passed away summer of 2010. It has been so hard for me. I really want to meet someone who is going threw the same experience that i am.

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welcome to friends who are on the journey that u are taking sometimes its seems as life is going great at others it seems that we are failing but as long as we chat and give ourselves a break when we feel angry or sad we can move towards the future and do things

what sort of things are u experiencing as u take this so emotional journey and do u have anyone to take this journey with

take care and be kind to yourself

love D

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Hi All, My name is Marilyn, I lost my husband on Thanksgiving day '09. It will be 41 months next Fri. What loosing Bill has done to me is crazy! It's an awlful feeling not to be in control of yourself. And I'm not! I would never believed this could happen to me. I'm depressed, I have alot of anxiety. Cry if you even mention his name. It's almost 3 1/2 yrs WHEN WILL IT STOP?
I've been to group and the counselor was the only one that talked.
My Dr. says that a conbination of menopause and that shock of loosing Bill has got me all messed up inside. Hormonal--which I'm on now--helps alittle, I guess--there's no magic pill
No one wants to hear me anymore, and I guess I understand that. Everyones life went back to normal but mine. My son more or less tells me to use mind over matter, I don't know how to do that. My daughter says one knows what to say to me anymore.
How do you get past this????

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yes I also went to the local hospice for free grief counseling even though the person I knew died in another state...they have individual or group type appointments.

I went just a few times and it was free. I understand all about anxiety and agoraphobia from personal experience and my psychology classes I took.
If you would like me to pray for you,just pm me....I am much better and still have some things to keep working on to be "10

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hi marilyn

its fine honey and quite normal to still be experiencing grief for your loved one or anger sadness at the most stupid times i still feel as if its recent and at other times i can be quite rational about my sis in laws death
i suggest u look around and see what counseling u can find in your area start at hospitals and hospices churches and ask lots of questions like do u get to speak or answer someone elses problem or just go along to a few sessions and see what they are like if u dont want chat at first
i still pop down to my local hospice at times sometimes to speak more often to listen to others who are on this journey
i find it still helps me to write her a letter and chat about my day with her picture at other times i like to shove loud music on and rampage deep inside where i can feel the anger mind u at my age after half an hour of loud music and rampage i need a cup of tea and a quiet sit down
the doc is prob right it is a combo of things that are allowing u to still feel depressed and not know where to go next u can always chat here
take care till we chat later
love always D xx

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I lost my best friend that had lived with me for 14 years. He died in his motor home and was not found for a week. Happened July 4 in California when temp was 127 degrees. His body was so decomposed that the motorhome will have to be torched. My grief is beyond anything I have ever experienced, I just can't deal with it, all I do is cry. I keep expecting him to come in the door. He was my onetime real love. I loved him more then anyone I've ever known before. I just don't know how to get past this. My life feels like there is no longer anything to live for. I feel depressed and empty. I don't know what to do, is there help out there?

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