feel like an outsider

i always get stares from people and i have had trich for 4 years and i am 16 nobody understands how hard it is to face every day with lies so you can just fit in. i just want someone to help me know that im not alone. im a girl bye the way

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Jul 24, 2012

I personally have noticed MANY girls having Trich for the past month. People do it while they are driving, watching tv, reading a book, talking to others or just out of boredom. I have started pulling about 5 years ago due to living in not such great environments, where there are perverts staring at me through their windows, trying to find a place to stay, being homeless in my van and having flashbacks from my childhood & experiences with abusive ex-boyfriends as well as from a toxic family. I can understand your pain, literally, when I pull I no longer find relief, I experience pain along with hair loss. I am a 30 year old woman and it embarrasses me to have this condition. It isolates you from others, making social events unbareable and being around ppl in general lately sometimes just sucks. People in our world can be very mean and cruel. They can tear you down by saying,"Are you trying to look Black or something," is what my sister has said in the past, whom I no longer speak to now. And, my own biological mother saying,"I'm finding big clumps of your hair everywhere!" instead of them making me feel like a fool about this condition, they could of redirected my attention to something positive. They don't give a ****. Be your own mentor. Be your own good example to society. Don't let these negative toxic people take you down with them to drive you into pulling again. I find keeping myself busy with drawing, painting, journaling and taking my nighttime meds is what works for me. Clomopramine (Anafranil) is a really good medication for both Trich and suicidal ideations. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to post or message me. Thanks!

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Aug 7, 2012

I just joined today and it feels so relieving to hear that I'm not alone. I have a bit of a rarer case (at least it seems that way) of Trich. I pluck my leg hairs. I just checked online and it does fall under the umbrella of Trich, although probably could under OCD as well. I realized that the worst and most vulnerable time for me is when I am home alone and bored. I have a new job and live 7 minutes from work, so I often wake up early so that I can have enough time to pluck my hairs right after my mom leaves for work. I have deep scars now and I can no longer show off my legs. People used to compliment me on my nice legs but now if they only knew. :(

I feel like for me, and others, it's a twisted form of escapism. iPhone games and movies no longer do the trick. I also notice it kind of messes up my vision, after staring so closely at my legs for hours.

I can relate with Snowbunnie30 because I used to get relief from it but now it just kills me even more. When you squeeze at your skin it damages it. These things used to heal much faster, but now that I have damaged the skin over the years I am sure the skin cell turnover rate is much lower. I recently watched Lord of the Rings and for the first time I could actually relate to Gollum. I feel like tweezers and plucking are 'my precious.' It gives you a weird pleasure, then it turns into relief, then it turns into need, then to a sickness and starts to ruin you. :(

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Aug 29, 2012

i have had trick since age 11 and i had a perfect childhood. a supporting family. all the therapy. all the meds. hypnotherapy, clinical psychologist...ive worn gloves, shaved my head, cut my hands as a child so i don't have to pull, oiled my scalp, worn bandanas, grown my nails everything i don't have deep seated issues but my trich is what is making me miserable. I am a medical doctor and even though I know what to do...nothing helps me. I feel like it has ruined every part of my life. I am married to the most amazing guy and i wish i could just let him touch my hair. at age 13_17 my trich was under control and at age 21 i managed to get it okay for a while, since 2004_ today i am wearing a wig. I hate it, it is uncomfortable, as natural as it looks its not natural i know some ppl must notice. i pull in the shower and had to discard all my tweezers. i try every every single moment to stop. I'm numb i feel nothing, no relief, no satisfaction no nothing. I'm completely bald today. i am not insecure as a person but this keeps u from wanting to socialize. i dread functions. i know I'm beautiful but i am sabotaging my youth...my life. I never dare to swim, be spontaneous...i feel caged. i can"t understand what is driving this. so as of today i am 12 hours pull free day one. one second at a time...if i can not pull for this next 12 hours its a day if i could manage today then i can manage not to pull tomorrow and in 30 days i am going to discard my wig no matter what. if you want to take up a challenge with me then email me. reyhana,ahmed@gmail.com.

i know that the power of the mind can override this.

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