I'm asking, begging, pleading for help, support,

I'm asking, begging, pleading for help, support, reassurance, a HUG??? and he's mocking me and walking out? Saying, "I doubt a hug will help. You need help" What? Can someone help me, am I going crazy here?

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May 18, 2013

Thank you Nancy. :)

I am on medication...lots of it! I just wish I did have someone to talk to. But not removed from my home, and placed with strangers when I have such high social anxiety, agoraphobia, panic attacks. I've seen too many people mistreated in there, or left to have panic attacks until the next med time, no exceptions! Deplorable.

My thyroid is way out of whack, to the point where I'm going to have it removed in a few weeks. 10 years of serious illness, with it increasing every year, is just too much for me, so I'm willing to go through this even though it scares me!

I'm seeing a whole team of dr.'s, therapists, getting all kinds of help, and this guy telling me, "You need help" obviously doesn't know how to help me. Especially leaving. That's a major trigger of mine.

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May 19, 2013

Yeah, abandoning you... never something us BPD do well with.

I wish you the best of luck with your surgery.

I hope things get better. Sometimes I just need a hug, that emotional connection, too. Sometimes that's all I need. I feel like it's my way of being safe, protected, for a moment. Like for that very moment things are out of my hands and in the hands of the person I'm hugging; I don't have to be strong. (sorry I'm rambling ha)

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May 19, 2013

Thanks Aeral!

That was all I needed to hear that night, and that's so true about a hug. Much better than abandonment :)

You're not rambling, it's your thoughts, which I appreciate you sharing. Thank you for that.



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