scoliosis - surgery vs non surgery

hello ,

i am a 17 year old with scoliosis. at this point of time i have to decide whether to go in for surgery or not. please share your experiences of surgery as well as non surgery how it is your affecting your life now and how it has affected in the long run for the older patients. i am in utter confusion AND I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP . SO ALL SCOLIOSIS PATIENTS PLEASE COME AND SHARE HOW LIFE IS LIKE LIVING WITH OR WITHOUT SURGERY.

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Apr 5, 2013

Hey Kaye,

I also want to ask u that does Chelsea wear a brace ?

Apr 5, 2013

Hi Mannat,
Chelsea doesnt wear a brace. She was 15 when first diagnosed & was told it was too late to wear a brace. I didnt like the idea of the brace as my research suggested that while wearing the brace the muscles relax, stop doing their job & then once removed the body bends worse. Secondly, Chelsea was sure she didnt want to wear a brace & dealing with the other therapies was enough for her to cope with. We have done CLEAR (about 1 year) & it helped but the reduction in curve didnt hold, every 3 months on our return visit she was back to her original measurment even with at least 1 hr every day in her device at home. We are hoping her current exercise will give strength to her muscles also to help hold the reduction, but its early days. Back to chiro in 4 weeks so will let you know.
PS Rhino Scoliosis Reduction therapy- ive not heard of. Does any one know about it & can they explain. Kaye from Australia.

Apr 6, 2013

Hi, Mannat~

Glad to hear that you aren't leaning toward surgery yet. :) The tricky thing about scoliosis is that it isn't just a crooked spine. It's a problem that starts in the brain (neurological or neuromuscular) and affects how the spine grows. An effective non-bracing, non-surgical treatment works when it helps retrain the brain and the body. (That's why bracing isn't effective - it tries to change or maintain the spine only, not the brain.)

Kaye, Chelsea is lucky to have a mom who is so dedicated to exploring non-bracing and non-surgical options. I'm sure that you had to work really hard to find information on effective solutions that don't include those things, and I applaud you for that. That information can be very hard to find, since it isn't commonly accepted yet by the mainstream medical community.

Rhino Scoliosis Center is not well known yet. It's a scoliosis reduction clinic in Denver, Colorado, USA. I work there, which is why I'm so passionate about seeing people (especially kids) avoid surgery, since I have seen first hand how effective other treatments can be. RHINO stands for Reduction, Hope, and Innovation, with NO bracing or surgery. There's info at

Mannat, your courage and upbeat attitude are inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing here! I wish you the very best. :)


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