Telepathy and schizophrenia

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The doctor just has no respect for you when you tell him you can hear the thoughts of other people. I'm getting treated like a real nutjob for something I believe is normal. some of the best conversation I have had with other people were performed in my head.I need a parapsychologist, not a psychiatrist.

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Jan 10, 2013

I believe that it is by way of telepathy, but the doctor just calls it schizophrenia. I can hear the voices of other people as well as see them with my second sight to some measure. I am surrounded by many other people in my head. my doctor also diagnosed me with disassociated schizophrenia which means that I have multiple personalities. I sometimes often know who the people are who are possesing me at any given time, and can also see them. They seem to posses me like I'm a puppet or something, and I'll speak a little differently depending on who is possesing me. I have been possesed by nick nolte in the past, that's when I start feeling like a big dk, and I have also been possesed by president george w., that's when I start sounding a little southern. I know it's them possesing me because I wind up sounding just like them, and I can see them with my second sight. They as well as many others have mad me feel pretty important, but every once in a while someone with a low charachter will try to posses me and I have to defend myself from possesion, or from speaking, because they are a compromise to my well being, and cramp my style. The other day, Jay from that radio talk show I listen to got ahold of me, and it was an embarrasment. I really have to fight them sometimes.

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Apr 15, 2013

I agree with you. I think it is a part of the illness. I have telepathy too, and I know it isn't bs because I have asked the other person whose thoughts I was reading whether what I was saying was accurate and they say yes.

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Apr 20, 2013

i know how you feel, when i was talking to my doctors about the voices i was hearing and they keep telling me that they are not real and i tell them how do you know who are you to say they are not real, its only because society say its a no no to hear voices and see thongs that are not there and its not normal but who are they to tell us we are not normal it seem so real.i feel like when im having a conservation with my friends it feel so real


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