OCPD and the health implications of being friendless and anti-social


I'm sick of hearing about how not being social and having no friends is so bad for your health. A doc on tv today said that not being social is as bad for your health as alcoholism! Well, what about someone like me? I'm OCPD and being around people literally makes me ill. I've tried my own behavioral therapies, pushed myself out into social situations to practice being better at it, yet after 3 years of realizing my ocpd and trying to do the correct things for myself, I still don't feel like having friends and being social is good for me at all.
In full disclosure, I do get lonely and wish that I had the ability to be "normal" in social situations, so I'm not without some anxiety about being a loner. But the anxiety from being social has always been greater than the anxiety from being a loner, until now when I just learned that my health may be affected. I'll add that I'm also obsessive about my health, so this is no small matter for me; in fact, it's the most difficult thing for me yet because I've figured out how to control every other manifested OCPD behavior, and do so every minute I live. I just feel like social situations make me worse, not better.

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Mar 10, 2011

listen to puppy, she has helped and encouraged me so much and helps me celebrate my babysteps. i understand how overwhelming our struggles can be. let's encourage each other!

Mar 11, 2011

Huh? Who said anything about weight loss? Maybe you meant to send that message to someone else?

puppydoglvr's picture
Mar 13, 2011

Rarebird, please forgive me, my mind was in a very overwhelmed place that day, as I was under a ton of stress and anxiety from a family emergency. I am so very sorry about that. My mind's back in action and very focused now. I absolutely know that you don't need weight loss. It's all about focusing on getting you to a good comfortable place with your social anxiety. I am here to help you in any way that I can.


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