Hi Everyone, I just want to say good luck and God Bless

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Hi Everyone, I just want to say good luck and God Bless you during your treatment. I was diagnosed with Stage lll Large B Cell NHL in Septembef 2012. It was a battle. I had seven rounds of RCHOP and 20 rounds of radiation. My chemo was in February and last radiation was in April. Pool therapy has been a wonderful way to exercise and gain my energy back. My hair is coming back, but it is curly and gray. It was blonde and straight pretreatment. I look in the mirror and still do not recognize the face staring back. I gained 40 pounds because of the Prednisone, and I'm having a hard time losing it. But overall, I am feeling much better. Some days, I still get overwhelmed by everything I have been thru.

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Jul 26, 2013

Hey Angie! Welcome!
So you're one of those, eh? hair comes back another texture and color- I thought that was making of yarns told to make some of us baldies hopeful! LOL

I had R-CVP, thinning hair anyway prior to tx, and NEVER lost it all! I'm still dumbfounded by that! It thinned along with my eyebrows and lashes; gave a long reprieve from shaving legs, etc, but NEVER grew back enough to cover my scalp or thicker! One thing it did do, was lesson the amount of white hair I had grown around my face prior to chemo! Okay- so that was good...

I'm Stage IV, Follicular NHL and my first/last chemo was in 2008.

Good luck and God Bless YOU, Angie!

Please continue posting, and again, welcome!


Jul 28, 2013

AngieBentley66.....hi there, and welcome to the site....I lost my hair in 2010, 2011 and early 2013....was just getting grey before the first time, but has come back salt and pepper all 3 times, and taking a little longer to come back this time....my hair was straight and brown when I first started....not unusual for it to come back a different color and texture....mine has come back very wavy and curly....right now, I have peach fuzz, and it's black and white....

I have learned that hair is the least of it, if you feel well, or are on the way to recovery and remission, that's all that is important....you and I are newly into remission, and that's a good place to be.....I get checked every 6 weeks when I get the port flushed...

Most of us here have gone thru battles like your's and we are the stronger and more appreciate because of that.....enjoy each new day, take care, Still here....

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Jul 29, 2013

well- i was looking forward to losing my baby fine straight as a stick hair I change the the color of.
Was curious to see how and what color it would grow back, and wanted to be able to whine about curly hair.
Entertained thoughts of a red spiked wig...
I had R-CHop, and where my hair thined, it was not so bad, and about a year after, I realized it was thicker, and actually holding a blow-dry. My hairdreser also noticed that.
nasty ole Frederick F. Zone, my special name for prednison, is a snarky, but helpful drug. I can stil taste it, and was amazed how much weight came on during my five days of taking it after treatment. Try to drink as much water as you can to flush it out.


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