Is there a legal medical substitute for Meth?

I have been an addict going on 11 years now. In short I am looking for a legal medical alternative to ease myself off the meth.
I completely understand what meth is doing to me etc, I get all that. Counseling is the last thing I think I need because I know I need to quit, I know the harmful things I am doing to myself, I know that I will never have an extra penny to my name because of it and so on. I have tried many times before to quit but as most every user of meth knows, its easier said than done.
My biggest hurdle is the complete lack of energy. Just a day, two at most and I am completely bed ridden. Not out of depression, that comes next; but just plain and simple I cannot stay awake until my bodies natural resources take over. For so many years I have been meth powered and so my body shut down. When I am out of meth it takes about a week for my body to kick back in and start taking over again.
I would like to know if there is an alternative "drug" that I can take so that I am still able to get up and go to work throughout the process. This is my biggest problem. If someone was to say, Hey yeah, this is a great way to get off the stuff and still have the same energy, sex drive, creativeness, and weight control properties as meth and its legal then I would not hesitate to sign up. So far no offers.
This is my problem

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Feb 1, 2013

I can't believe there is someone out there that feels the same way I do! I thought I was weird for not wanting to stop meth even after knowing all of the side effects it has on a persons body, and health. Not to mention the way society has stereotyped "meth heads". I know that there are some people who are nothing but total "tweekers" out here. There are some of us who are able to hold down a job, and be responsible, productive people. There are some people who simply cannot handle the drug, and they are the "tweekers".

I like the idea of having some kind of meds. to kick the habit gradually. You know the way a heroine addict takes methadone when they are kicking their habit. I know there is something out there, but I guess it's all about the money!!

Mar 8, 2015

@overit12: If you had ever been hooked on anything like meth , you wouldn't dream of spouting out such garbage! You don't have to hit rock bottom to want to quit, you just want to have a better life than what you have now. I completely understand. I have a job and famy and friends - and a horrible addiction to a drug that I know is killing me. I want to quit but at this point, its gonna take more than will power - my body, mind and being is completely hooked, beyond my control. I urge sympathy and help. God bless those who struggle with this poison. God help us all.

Mindslave1's picture
Mar 8, 2015

Fifteen years clean. Give up. Let go. Accept all the pain of crossing over to sobriety. The end. Twenty years. Lesson learned.


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