Caught My Wife Sexting Pics

After snooping around my wife's email, I found some inappropriate pictures that my wife had sent to another guy. We had gotten into a fight and on that day, to get back at me, she started talking to someone online and decided that it was appropriate to send this person some pics. The pics we taken for me (She had given them to me before) and somehow that makes me feel a little better, but the intent was the same (my thinking: at least she didn't take those pics specifically for him). She says it was stupid and she feels extremely embarrassed and I believe her. The look on her face was shame. My mind keeps going back to the conversation, not the pics, and that is what has my stomach in knots right now. How could she do this to me? What makes it acceptable for her to get me back in this way? Trust is something that I have never had an issue with. It was the only thing that i didn't have an issue with in our marriage, and now I don't know what to do. Should I be getting this worked up about a momentary indiscretion? I am committed to forgiveness and moving on, but this is proving to be tough. I have an appointment with my counselor and hopefully she can provide some help in this, but my appointment isn't until next week. What can i do to get through my days easier. Sometimes its OK and sometimes I just get overwhelmed and have to keep from crying. What can I do?

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Nov 15, 2012

Hi eric...Sounds like you're doing the right thing by making an appointment w/ your counselor so you can work through it...
I would suggest you try to stay in today and not let your mind wander to so much speculation...
Sounds like your relationship is impt. to both of you and you both ( most definitely) play a part in this...
I heard your commitment to forgive and move forward...
So...Wait ( as best you can) for next week...Get the problem out in the open and see what kind of plan can be made to resolve this and move forward...
Also, so it won't happen again...
Try not to let your thoughts make you nutty over this...We can do that!


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