About to have a full hysterectomy 42 years old

I am about to book my surgery in the next couple of weeks. I am very scared and anxious. I have never had children due to fertility problems with endo & PC and other problems. Also have just recently been diagnosed with hemoplegic migraines. I have been told once I have the surgery it will help with the hemo migraine side of things. It will also help with endo as well and painful periods, but I have heard so many scary stories and I am worried what to expect and what hormone tablets are best to take as well?

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Feb 25, 2013

I know a lady much older than us and she has other health issues and she came through her hysterectomy very well. She took it easy for a weekend but was taking her grandkids shopping soon after. I too have no children due to fertility issues and on top of that have pcos. I would love to have a hysterectomy. Nothing works right why even have it mucking up my life every month.

I pray you come through it feeling much better and migraine free.

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Apr 7, 2013

JUst had my hyster. approx 11 days ago. I to was very afraid and had heard just aweful stories. Due to my overall health was considered "high risk" and was told i'd hv a slow and painful recovery. Here to tell you although they mismanaged my pain in hosp. i'm kicking bootie and making bounds n leaps n recovery!

Also a migraine sufferer which (like u'd heard) am sure will improve. Also had endo. Can say is a huge difference in the type of pain am in. Went from "omg do my insides feel like thier twice thier sz and burn like fire" to " wow my surgery site is healing so quickly!".

There IS hope! Any Qs feel free to ask,
Maggie Mae
PS far as the tablets for therapy replacement hv to get answers still.


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