hi im a 20 year old gal and this is all new to me the

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hi im a 20 year old gal and this is all new to me the whole HOCD lol Funny thing is i still have my attraction and butterflies to guys and currently my bf :) its just like my mind is telling me no lol and i kno i have always been a boycrazy gal and for this to be happening where i question things is just weird for me :). I always anymore get anxiety around women or i say negative things in my head about them. I really dont want to have any contact with them and the thought of doing anything with a women doesnt appeal. but my thoughts have other opinons lol its like a fight against ur own self. Its really frustrating for me cause i still get feelings all the time from my man just my thoughts want to haunt me lol its really gettting old lol

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Jun 13, 2013

it's difficult, I know
what fuels this condition is fear, you know..
and the fact that you try to battle your own brain, that in case of OCD is quite "malfunctioning" and keeps sending those weird, wrong thoughts. every person gets weird thought, but in our case, they keep repeating themselves so much that they become part of reality. but they are not. it's a lie HOCD tells us, because it's like a nemesis, it just wants to see us struggle. and like with any bully, ignorance can make it go away (sort of, I still have spikes, but not nearly as bad as the first ones, when I was very sad, because I couldn't understand it). so try accepting your thoughts, ignore them by not focusing on them, focus on something else, distract yourself.
in the case, ignorance is bliss :)
best of luck
God bless.


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