When is the best time to tell someone of your positive HIV status?

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Tiffy's picture
Sep 15, 2012

A person should tell a person upfront that they have Hiv because a person can get harm by not telling until the last minute. Just the other day I was watching the new and this guy girlfriend tells him after sex she is HIV positive and he get a knife and stabbed her and her kids found her died in the apartment. This is a serious disease and a person shoud come clean on the very first date about having HIV it is very wrong to not tell a person I feel it is down right awful not to.

ItComesInWaves342's picture
Sep 15, 2012

Of course you should before sex, everybody agrees on that.

lonelylion's picture
Nov 24, 2012

This is the reason I only date women who are poz like me


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