Help I can't stop crying!

I was doing better... I was keeping myself busy...Ive had happy days.... I dont know why Im hitting butom again...

Ive been crying all day... I don't even know why.... IM JUST SAID... lonely... frustraded... scared... scared because this pain is sooo unbearable I cant take it anymore!

I want out, I want out!!

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Jul 7, 2011

i discovered pictures of my girl kissing this other guy , smiling and laughing that hurt badly , im a tough man , but i cried , there is no shame in that, what you have to relise is this will make you stronger, and is not your fault, like lego said i hear songs that i know are connected to her cheating it hurts and i wish it would go away, now its been 7 months , i can look at the problems in our relationship, which there must be for cheating to occur , try to fix them, but you must stress that this must never happen again,, you have to learn to love yourself again, there is a wonderfull ebook called the magic of making up by tw jackson , which is supposed to be a bout reconciliton but its more a bout you making things up with yourself , this helped me no end i cudnt recomend it highly enough good luck be strong!!!!!

Jul 14, 2011


I agree, once the shock wore off it completely hit me. I started missing her and I started going through many stages. Ive been pretty low... and the day I posted this I Think thats the day I actually hit bottom. I'm doing better these days. I still cry now and then and I wish this had never happened to me. I'm happy that were working things out but im still extremely scared of what the future holds for me.

its been almost 12 weeks since I found out about the affair.... and honestly time is the only friend I have these days...

Jul 14, 2011


thank you for the tip about the book. I'm downloading it right now.

I hope it helps me just as much as it helped you.

are you tying to work things out with her or did you guys break up?


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