Empty Nest Syndrome


Hi, I am a new member to this support site. I do not see anything offering support for parents suffering from empty nest syndrome.
I have two grown children, both living away from home now. They are both wonderful adults and I would not ever stand in their way of being independent or achieving their dreams.
However, I was the cookie mom, the slumber party mom. Yes, I worked, but the rest of my time was mostly spent with my daughters. They were my life, and now that they are gone away from home, and grown, I don''t feel needed. I have completely lost myself. I don't even know who I am anymore.
Is there anyone else out there who need to share their stories about empty nest?


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Jan 17, 2012

DogWhisperer (love that program) & pclark, welcome to the group. It is difficult to revamp ourselves, but do keep in mind that our children are doing what we taught them & what the cycle of life offers them "fly from the nest", so its up to us to respect that & if & when they come see us, call us, we must keep it positive & as you know, be very proud of them (even when they fall/fail) cause thats whats lifes about.

Keep talking here so more out there know their not alone.

Feb 7, 2012

I went through empty nest syndrome many years ago. My boys are now 24 and 26, BUT now as I am going through menopause , my world has just turned upside down. I don't know what my purpose is anymore. My kids really have gone on with their lives,,,one married the other moved out of state when he graduated college for his job. I am single and have been trying to date, but don't think I'm good at that anymore. I do still work full time , but not sure what to do with this big empty hole. I feel my life has changed so much. I dream about my kids when they were little all the time. Also think about it all the time and just cry. Are there any menopause support groups to meet with real live people? I feel really alone in this.

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Feb 11, 2012

Cheesehead, try searching online for face to face meetings in your area while you stay with us for more support so you dont feel so alone hon, one can never get enough support huh.

Dont cry, keep talking here & more will chime in, do look around the site & offer others advice out there on a topic your familiar with, that helps too in knowing your not alone.

All my strengths.



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