Hi I have silicosis, that is a lung disease that i got from the place where I used to work.I have had this for 24 years. It has really gotten worse in the past year. I wear oxygen now 24/7. The best way I have found to get through it is with God's help first then the support of my family. But trust me there is times that it can over whelm me, I try to stay focused on what I can still do. There is days that i can do more then there is days that i can do very little. I hope there is some one on here that is dealing with this so we can share and support each other in this.

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Jul 20, 2012

Hi , I have silicosis too . I'm glad to finally find a group that I hope I will be able to discuss it with . A little about me to start . I currently live in east Texas and I'm on disability because of this . I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and believe I got it from a job I had many years ago as well as other jobs where I was exposed to chemicals .
I use oxygen while sleeping and on exertion . The only meds I'm on is Prednisone which I've been on for 3 years currently at 5 mg. a day . I would really like to know what meds every body else is using .

Aug 5, 2012

Well stupid me again . I thought I'd finally found a group for people with silicosis where I would have people who would understand what I was going through since I have no support other wise . But apparently there isn't really a group here so I'm still trying to deal with this disease on my own .
So goodbye and thanks for all the fish .

Sep 17, 2012

hi there,i was just reading about this SILICOSIS,what is this??? i have been diag with COPD but for the past 18 years worked in a plant with either cardboard box dust flying in my face or for the past 6-7 years there was a dry sugarlike( 10x sugar) floating around,couldn't see it on your skin but if you would clean a piece of machinery off by the next day you could wipe a small amount off with your i am thinking after all those years of breathing this in,do you reckon i have this inside of my lungs too???? i had to retire because of the COPD and not being able too move as fast as a production worker needs to but this sort of worries me for the people that still have to work in this stuff,i am scared for them in another 10 years,will they have this in their lungs too? years ago like 20 years ago,i also hung drop ceiling on a constuction sight,the tiles had insulated type of fiberglass on the back of the tile and everyday,that stuff would stick in your skin like splinters,could i also have that in my lungs???just thinking back about where my body and lungs have been??(too late now,huh?) thanks for listening......................hersheygirl

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