COPD Anger

I am new to this support group. I have never needed something like this before, I do now. My husband has copd and he is getting worse all of the time. He is still smoking which is a huge problem for me. He is working on getting oxygen and was in the hospital with phenomena a couple of weeks ago and still he is smoking. Those cigg have not only ruined his life, but mine as well and he can't or won't see it.
No one gets it because they do not live around this terrible disease every day.
I have a lot of anger and not sure what to do with it. thank you for giving me a safe place to vent. My husband and the family does not want to hear about it.
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Mar 6, 2013

So this my story. Smoked for 25 years and quit. Two years later go to the Dr for physical and find out COPD. I did this to myself. Put me on oxygen at nights while sleeping and Spiriva. Lost the insurance last year to pay for oxygen so turned it in when I took out of town work at a much lower elevation. Seemed to be fine but when I come home back to 6500 ft it is becoming a challenge. Just not sure what to do any more. Some times I want to just give up. My son wants me to stay with him and just does not get it that I can't breath. I am tired, muscles hurt, headache in the morning. Can't afford all the medical stuff. I do get my prescription from Canada so that helps a lot. Just spooked I quess because reality is setting in that this is all real and I don't like it but can no longer pretend it's not true. Without insurance I don't know where to go. Thanks for letting me go on. I feel I can't tell this to my children it will put to much worry on them. It seems that they are all so stressed with enough.

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Mar 7, 2013

Hi there Cinmw4. Welcome to our COPD group. Let me say from the get-go that you are not alone! I, for one, have been through exactly the same as you and it IS scary stuff - let's not beat around the bush! Anyway, COPD is not a death sentence but it does require a lot of adjustment to your usual life-style. Just so long as you maintain positive attitude, a will to fight and a cheeky sense of humour, then you'll be able to face tomorrow with a better frame of mind. Above, DON'T BLAME YOURSELF - if you knew that smoking would cause you to get COPD, then you wouldn't have started the habit in the first place. Hey, we've been dealt with a bum hand so we have to play the game the best way possible. By taking the step to join a support group means you are on the way to helping yourself come to terms with the disease. It isn't easy, believe me, but doable.

We usually gather around the COFFEE TABLE to share our stories, offer our help and suggestions the best we can, pick each other up when we're down and generally support each other with love, empathy and a whole bunch of chuckles.

Please join us there. See ya.

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Aug 7, 2016

I have contacted them and this herbal remedy is very expensive plus they don't take credit cards.


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