Mantle Cell Lymphoma Support Groups

Hi, anyone interested in joining a Mantle Cell Lymphoma Support Group, we have two very active support groups on Facebook:

1- The first group is for those afflicted with MCL and/or for their caretakers/loved ones.

2- The second group is an MCL Caretakers/Loved Ones Group ONLY- for those who are Not afflicted with MCL, but are also going through this experience with a loved one.

*If you are interested in joining either group (or both groups for caretakers/loved ones) - then please contact me at [email protected] (and please very briefly describe your situation.)
These groups are both in American English, and attract members from the USA as well as from around the world. You must be a Facebook Member to join.

These are both Closed Groups on Facebook, and your participation will not be viewable to your FB friends who are not members of these groups :)

Aug 5, 2012

Thank you for this very important information. God bless you.


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