Brain Aneurysm

Hi everyone. My name is Natalie. Back in August I suffered a severe brain aneurysm. Before I was diagnosed I went to the ER and family doctor, all saying it was just a viral infection that could be cured by antibiotics. My mom found me on a Wednesday having a mild stroke. I was taken by ambulence to one hospital than shipped off to another that specialized in neuro-surgery. I spent 2 weeks in a coma and another in the NICU. After that it was another 3 weeks in therapy learning how to do everything over again like walking, eating, just keeping my head up. I'm not supposed to be alive. I wasn't supposed to learn all of those things again in just 3 weeks. Now that I'm on my way back to being healthy physically, I'm really struggling with the mental aspect. I'm not the same person. I care about a lot less things. I can't stay focused and I lose interest fast. I'm not evern all that enthralled by art anymore and that's crazy because that's what my major is. I'm on a ridiculously high dose of blood thinners and feel I'm on the verge of depression. I'm back to school and work fulltime and I can feel it completely draining me. I have a wonderful support group of friends and family, but it's all crushing me. I'm 22. That's a crazy age to have that kind of injury. It's a crazy injury, period. I feel like I need to say something on here as a way to get it out. I'm working on finding a support group or counsler closer to me than a farway internet site, but I feel like it might be a good start. I've completely been derailed. I was 5 credits away from obtaining my BA and moving back out again. I'm stuck. I don't want to be that 22 year old living with their parents. I don't want to become dependant. I'd really like to be happy again, even remotely happy again. Has anyone else out there been through this?

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Feb 21, 2012

Hi Natalie my name is Bill and August 28th 2009 I suffered a burst double brain aneureysm. I blacked out in my living room and thankfully I had a room mate living with me at the time he called 911 and paramedics took me to the hospital and the first hospital they took me to had no head trauma unit so I was there shortly and then flown by medivac helicopter to a hospital that had a head trauma unit which I had brain surgery. Im 45 years old and have the same feeling I know Im older than you are but Im still very young also for such a thing. Of course im at the time completely unaware of whats going on but after my brain surgery I was in the hospital for 35 days I was released to my very nervous mother with in my opinion a rather large at the time ugly scar.
I was home for months inclusing Christmas of that year with ZERO memory of ever beng in the hospital or ZERO idea of what happened. I am now in excellent spirits MOST OF THE TIME about my physical state due to several weeks of Rehabilitation. Even now I only remember falling in my living room and NOTHING of the 35 days in hospital and even dont remember alot of my PT. Im still not able to drive or work and at 45 years old im upset alot of the time. But again as I always say IM ALIVE!!! and thankfully have also support of family and great friends but I thought it would be great to come on here and share my story because maybe I can shed light to you and you to me and anyone else who understands all of this. ok I hope your doing well
from your new support buddy

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Feb 21, 2012

Hey Bill, thanks for your response. I am really blessed to be alive, I know that. It's just that the beyond irritating thing is that I went to the ER and my family doctor and still nothing was done. I lived with the bleed for over a WEEK. My mom found me siezing. I remember a lot of my hosptial stay and still keep in toch with my NICU nurses and therapists because it makes me feel like I have some support in this whole thing, not that my friends and family aren't, but those people at the hospital spent A LOT of time with me. I have some scars too. 2 on my head from where they drilled to release the pressure and then some on my arms from IV lines. I'm still impatiently waiting for my hair to grow back. I haven't really shed any tears over the whole thing until I started to lose hair from the radiation. Were you on any blood thinners? I think those drugs are miserable. Thankfully I can drive and am back to school and work full time, but it's too overwheleming. I'm just trying to get through. Thanks again for your response Bill.
Also, from your new support buddy


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Feb 22, 2012

Wow Natalie sounds like youve been through alot more than me. I had a Double brain anuereysm and in reading the stats on such a thing more than half the people who have one that actually bursts (such as mine) are no longer alive to tell about it ....its a very sad a scary thought to me everyday but something has made me be one of the survivors so Im happy everyday Im alive but I guess when you say Radiation your included cancer and im sorry to hear that I know I never went through radiation of any sort I just had what they call my Anuereysm was clipped so my scar is from one side of my forehead over to other side and then stops in front my right ear thank god I must have had an excellent surgeon because even when I show people they say they cant see it (altough I know they do ) there just being polite and making me feel better about it.
Nothing I can do about it anyways My hardest part is I managed a Jewelry Store and have always held high positions every where Ive worked and now I cant work and they dont know when and it makes me sad to remember that I managed a Jewelry store and became Diamond certified and all and now I dont rememeber most of what I had learned in years of study. My short term memory is the awful thing to be fair if I worked for someone now I understandingly so would not be able to follow simple instructions such as the ones I used to ask people to do for me as the boss.
Oh well everyday Im doing brain strengthening things such as play certain games on computer that my neurologist says help even such as Words With Friends on my phone since I was an avid speller.
I only came on here because I would love to go to a support group that is face to face but not being able to drive has even limited my recovery so Im branching out here.
OK Ill try to write every couple days but I must go take my 13 meds I take at night 11 in the AM and 5 at lunch time and !3 in the eveining because through all of this I also have Kidney failure.....I know its not from Anuereysm I had it before but it has escalated. Ok Natalie its great talking to you your the first person Ive been able to talk to in 2 years that knows where Im coming from.
take care from your Buddy Bill

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