Help! I am suffering from stress, depression and


I am suffering from stress, depression and anxiety due to a boss I am intimidated by at work. She regularly speaks to me rudely, tells me I do things wrong then turns around and tells me to believe in myself. She suffers from anxiety and takes her stress out on me. I've raised my concerns with her as to how she speaks to me, but she will not accept it. Others have also spoke to her, but again she won't accept fault. I have taken leave from work, but need to go back next week, which is terrifying me. I go into panic mode when I think about having to go back there.

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Apr 3, 2013

Her boss is aware of it as are other senior people in my team. Her boss came and saw me a couple of weeks ago as I had a melt down, he informed me that I am supported, etc. She has also been spoken to about how she treats people and even had to go through a mediation with her director as another senior manager put in a formal complaint about her. When I first started this job another guy in our team refused to work for her. He was given another manager to report to. Unfortunately, she still treats him terribly. They fight quite a bit. I truly believe she has bipolar, which is the view of other senior members as well. I contacted my previous manager over a week ago to request to go back to my old job, she said she would be happy to have me back, she just had to confirm with her manager. The starting date is the middle of next month. I haven't had confirmation from her that it's all confirmed, so I am anxious about that. I don't think I have any other choice but to leave. This woman is absolutely crazy and nothing is going to change. I have an appointment with a psych tomorrow - hope she can settle me down so I can go back to the workplace next week.

Thank you so much for your comment :)

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Apr 3, 2013

That's great. I'm glad your bosses on the higher level are helpful. And, just because she has Bipolar does not give her an excuse. Many people with it are sweet people who are good to other people. Moments, it does happen. All the time, not a reason other than just down right mean.

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Apr 3, 2013

i have anxiety when in around a lot of people at times i feel like ill be hurt by someone when it does not happen i feel relieved. you get a fight& flight response. i have to leave or stay and be fearful. leaving the situation is a good thing.anxiety is bad but with help you can put it out of your daily living. good luck


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