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Fear of everything especially dying

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My name is Michelle, new here, I have bipolar disorder. I have constant rapid thoughts in my head of the fear of dying.

Has anyone gone through this nightmare?

Has anyone had a colonoscopy and if it hurt?

I need prayer for my complete wholeness.

Let me hear from you.

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Apr 7, 2013

i have a fear of dying too. i was almost dead as a baby. i was abused and almost died, god saved me but all my adult life, i dream of dying. i wonder what its like and i hate just thinking about it. i pray for strength. i try to accept it as part of life and its still hard. i hope its better for you. talk to someone like a therapist and tackle this issue.

Apr 9, 2013

I have no fear of dying. What I am afraid of is not living up to my full potential in this life. Letting time waste away till there is nothing left but regret. So I get up every day and hopefully make the change towards the better and develop myself.
I had a colonoscopy when I was younger. If you want to hear the story of why i had to go I can tell you. The way I tell it is crass and is graphic.
But I found the colonoscopy to be obviously invasive but not that painful. You feel tremendous pressure because it blows air into your colon and the camera moves around. just when the pressure becomes intense you let the doctor know.
My doctor was socially awkward and did not make eye contact with me that often, while we were talking. But... (no pun intended) he was a nice guy.
All in all not such a bad experience. just embarrassing.

Sep 11

I have a lot of constant mind racing and aniexty cant handle it taking Prozac 80 mgs and gabitin need a new med lots of home stress


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