i just feel bad,

ok , I really know this sounds like im being a baby but I feel really feel horrible after someone was trying to tell me about eating disorders, like I don't know , then made a comment about my weight it drove me insane, why it bothers me, I w as told the weight I weigh I should and don't worry, im fine.. im making more out of it.. im just upset, im sorry everything I write sounds like I need everyone to reassure me, but im really hurt by that, .......

he felt I hurt his feelings, by doubting him.. I feel really horrible.... he likes people skinny ........

im sorry, for being a baby... im really up set , he said 89 isn't like im that thin, ug I feel so horrible... ok. sorry just venting..

jonthecomposer's picture
Jun 24, 2013

Try not to feel so bad about that. People aren't perfect and make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up. It's much worse to be oblivious to your mistakes than to be willing to learn from them.

I've been classically fat (read: obese) my whole life. And it has basically been killing me slowly. Eating disorders are serious no matter what they are. I feel for you.

Jun 24, 2013

thank you ! .... thank you for writing... .. hope you get better with your eating disorder. also


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