Support Group????????

I'm sorry folks i don't want to offend people, or degrade any support that people are giving. But this support group SUKS. I recently wrote several posts regarding how completely ****** i feel. In the 3 weeks since posting my worries i have received 1 supportive reply (which i thank you for) and another stating that he/she goes to therapy, which makes he/she feel better. And that is word for word what was sent to me. If i wanted to know whether therapy makes you feel better I'd ask Jeeves, or my 8yr old niece come to think of it. Receiving a reply to your post makes you feel great, but receiving sweet fuk all is more depressing than what it was that depressed me in the first place. I do not want anyone thinking that i am trying to offend, but what is a support group if people don't support. I'll tell you what it is, its nothing more than a good read for whoever logs into the site. So get pissed off or offended, or whatever feelings you have. Because if you reply in anger or thoughtfulness or through being offended, then at least there will be posts on this site that have been inspired by some feeling or another. And at the moment on this site, that's all i can get....Love & Care....x

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May 11, 2012

i find your honesty refreshing and we all needed to read it. I'm clean but cocaine cravings continue to be a struggle for me. PM me and we can talk more about whats on your mind....

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May 11, 2012

I'm sorry you feel ignored, it happens often with new people, it is just teh nature of the site unfortunately... is difficult to keep track of all posts, especially form new people. within usually an hour of posting it is already moved to the 2nd page of the new posts so you have to actively be looking for new and unsanswered posts. I'm sorry your posts did not get a response. Hopefully you will stick it out here long enough to get to know some of us and then it will be easier to connect with people.



I just accidently found this place. The Amputee Coalition of America offers free phone talk with a "Certified Amputee Peer Visitor with the same type of amputation & level, and the same gender. Call 1-888-AMP-KNOW. You also can ask an information specialist to send you info on different topics.

When I have time available, I'm willing to talk on the phone. You may contact me @ [email protected]

I'm a Whole Ususally Happy Triple Amputee - right shoulder, right Lisfranc, L Chopart.


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