I'm on a drinking/binge right now. Didn't really want to

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I'm on a drinking/binge right now. Didn't really want to be but certain factors came into play. My sister mainly being always the one. Because I wanted three pieces of cheese on my burger, she HAD to say something. Luckily my dad said something to her but she just made an excuse. As always. Luckily my mom and I had a talk beforehand and I expressed to her my feelings about my sister being maid of honor and how I feel she doesn't love me and how her demonic spirit runs their house and by golly she understood!! Lolz!! So I'm not the only one in pain. Well I'm practically killing myself because of her but I'm trying not too. BUT I DID STAND UP TO THAT WITCH AND IT FELT GOOD!! So now I'm on a cookie binge and getting drunk so I can puke it up sooner rather than later. Dave my best friend, husband to be, etc, has to go out on road jobs for his jobs and can't do yard jobs for the railroad. I've accepted his job as best as I can but it still hurts. That's the other reason. I miss him when he's gone. Guess ill just have to stay strong.

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Jun 18, 2013

Thanks Hoopster1! I've learned this the very hard way, drinking to the point of drunkeness does NOT take away the problems. Only WE can do that, WITH God's help I believe very much! We, you see, are flesh and blood humans, and weak. BUT, with God we can be strong!!!!When the alcohol was gone from my system the next day, I was shakey, and sick the entire day.

I've learned (for me) that I can handle one beer or glass of wine, but I HAVE to stay away from any hard licquor at all!

It took me 5 years of binge drinking (because of the pains of life...husband's infidelity, job losses, etc.) But know what, when I did go to an AA meeting or two, a lady told me, "all the whiskey in the city will not take your problems away". How true indeed!

I hope everyone reading this can come to know this. But YOU can make your life better. Start with knowing how much God loves You.

Plus, it ruins your health. Puts weight on. I know. Working on getting stronger, exercising, eating good, etc.

Good Luck to Everyone~~~~


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Jun 24, 2013

You must take a look at those drinks that affects you a lot.
As all drinks have some good or bad effects on your body. Just read everything about it.

I found this as reference http://www.healthy-drinks.net/

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Jun 27, 2013

Hi im sorry you have a nasty sister.. Lots of partners work away from home.. Thats the way of the world am afraid.. Hope you see him soon.. Take care


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