Parents of Children with ADHD and or ODD


Looking for support among those who have children with ADHD and or ODD . Having a child with either is very stressful and you feel alone b/c no one understands what daily life is like if their child does not have these issues.

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Jun 21, 2016

To SDUF and anyone else looking for support - my 6-year-old grandson was diagnosed with ODD and various ADD/ADHD symptoms last year, but we suspected as much from a very early age. My daughter is a single mom and could really use a forum to express her frustrations and get support from other people who know exactly what she's going through. All of her other friend with kids don't struggle with anything like this and I know it's very frustrating to her. As his grandmother, I am concerned not only about my daughter but my grandson's future. There's so much stress from home, school, doctors, relatives, and now summer camp... there just has to be help out there for people like us. We'd even consider moving to a different state if it meant an excellent school designed to educate these children with unique challenges... but of course there's the money issue. There just never seems to be enough to pay for this therapy or that school or some other medicine. Can anyone relate to this? Can we somehow form a support group with a smaller radius for parents and grandparents of kids with ODD and ADD/ADHD? Something? I hear other people's crys for help, so let me add my voice...

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Jun 24, 2016

@GrammieLove Hi & welcome. I hv 2 children w/ ADHD & my oldest son also has a learning disability. It's definitely a challenge. W/ ADHD comes defiance, but I know ODD is in a class of its own. My younger son was never diagnosed ODD, but he certainly knows how to push my buttons. There r many options out there for our kids, & often it's a fight to get them. Ur daughter is her son's best advocate. If she already has her son diagnosed, the school shld b accommodating her son w/ a 504 Plan. A dr needs to make the recommendations, & after the school reviews everything, they will put a plan in place. It is important to speak up & never give up. I wish ur family all the best.

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Jul 1, 2016

@GrammieLove I just supported u. Pls PM me (u'll need to support me first) if u'd like to discuss this further. Wishing u all the best.


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