Adderall Wife and Divorce?

Two years ago, my wife was prescribed adderall. At first, the personality change was noticeable, however not really bad. She became a focused machine able to be super-mom to our children.

Now, we are near divorce. There is no relationship, she can't "deal" with people, and she is constantly angry, frustrated and burned out.

She has no interest in me, others, nothing.

Now, I don't think she is taking anymore than the prescribed amount, but ... could these issues be related to her Adderall?

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Mar 26, 2013

I know it's been a while since you posted this. Hopefully things have worked out well. I don't like admitting this, but I think Adderall can definitely change the user's personality... drastically. The worst part about it is how tricky it is, and how difficult it is to determine what's caused by the medication, and what's not. Everyone is different, but this is my experience.
I'm a 25 yr old female and I've been married for 4 years. I've always been happy, adventerous, athletic, and in love with life. However, I've also always been reckless, impatient, impulsive, fearless, forgetful, and extremely ADHD. After dozens (literally) of broken bones, a few car accidents, a decade of uncompleted projects, speeding tickets, bad hair styles, jumping countries and relationships, and two years of driving my husband nuts by "forgetting" to do so many of the things I needed to do, I finally caved in and decided to try a medication that might help with my ADHD.
Testing out meds was a bit rocky, (and by bit, I mean EXTREMELY) but eventually I found one that fit (Adderall xr 25).

In general, I've felt that Adderall has really helped me out. If anything, the world is a safer place ;) I am a much safer driver, better "house wife", better at paperwork, finances, shopping lists, navigating through difficult situations, and following through with things. I feel I have much more control over my impulse problems and can say I haven't shaved my head or dyed my hair a terrible color on a whim since I started meds.

Since I started taking meds (at first it was ritilin, then adderall... tried generics and name brand of both..), I have felt MUCH SADDER all the time. Ritilin was terrible. It turned me into a sobbing, angry, argumentative b*tch who meticulously folded perfect piles of laundry. I was obsessed with being the "perfect wife" and let go of my easy going, happy, optimistic nature in order to turn into a miserable, house keeping robot. Around the same time, I stumbled into a huge (very late) emotional mourning/healing process as I relived all the dreadful events of my past (many were results of my untreated ADHD.)... NOT very fun. I finally switched to Adderall xr and noticed that the good effects were not as strong, but neither were the bad ones. IT was worth it to me. After a few months, I loosened up a lot and even let the dishes pile up. I like to think that now I am pretty balanced on it and myself, but in reality, I know I'm still not the same as I was before I started "treatment" for my craziness. NOR is my marriage. There were so many months of arguments that I felt so absolutely passionate about (though most were completely unfounded), months of coldness, depression, pulling away from friends, hobbies, and intimacy, and emotional instability,,, that I'm not sure how long it will take to get things back on track.

I don't know how much of my issues can be blamed on medication, vs. myself/my choices... but I really feel that in general, my entire personality has changed to a much more serious, analytical, pessimistic, self centered, uptight WORRY-ER.

Luckily, I discovered ST. JOHN'S WORT (NOT THE CAPSELS... the tablets work much better for me. I love the NatureMade brand (450mg extract)... It's like $3 a bottle!... :) WHAM! I pop three to four of those pills a day and I seriously feel like (FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I Started all this) the person I used to be... only much safer on the road. ;)

So yeah, I can totally understand if your wife changed a lot. These are serious drugs and SO SNEAKY and convincing (when I get angry on adderall or especially ritilin, I TOTALLY believe that I am actually extremely angry about something extremely important! The next day I couldn't care less about the topic... yet during the moment, It's almost impossible to convince myself that what I am feeling is simply a side effect of the drug I am taking... and not the end of the world. I really hope things can get straightened out and improve.
Good Luck!

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Apr 2, 2013

**** sure could be. I am getting divorced and my family contributes my personality change to adderall. I am getting off this ****.

May 8, 2013

From your description, I could be your wife. I suffer from everything you have described. I am or was not ADD, in fact the very opposite. I started taking it for college exams, then to get through law school, then to be a super performer at work...and now I am 5 years in and slowly increasing my dosage. The only "symptom" that I suffered from that you did not describe it that I swear it has actually caused me to become ADD. At times I think people I work with might call me flighty or scatterbrained, which is the complete opposite of how I have been my entire life pre-adderall.
I don't have any solution, but wanted to let you know that someone else out there is just like your wife. I have decided to slowly start weening off it, but find myself unable to do it. I tell myself I will start tomorrow, and tomorrow has turned into 5 months now.


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