Elder Abuse

My elderly mom's abuser is my brother. my mom is in the hospital again, because "under his care" she's not eating, drinking, taking her medicine or seeing doctors. she living alone and my brother encourages her to drive (both against doctor's orders). the hospital yesterday determined that she was not safe to live alone. i went to her apartment, no food in the fridge, drug addict nephew, wanted by the police for theft.., camping our there (w/ my brothers knowledge, his kid). hospital offered 3 choices, assisted living, nursing home or LIVING WITH MY BROTHER!!! Please don't respond with "call adult protective services". i am on a first name basis w/ her case manager there. My problem is legal. i have no money for lengthly legal process. just want to vent. thanks. my elderly uncle lived w/ my brother and that did not end well. yesterday 5:45am called 911 trying to catch my nephew in her apt. so sick of all this disfunction, abuse, drama.

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Apr 30, 2013

If you need your sister's permission to see her now, you'd probably also need your sister's permission to see her in a facility. If your sis has legal guardianship, she will probably have to sign off on a list of approved visitors. Get a lawyer if you can afford it. Unless I am missing a significant piece of information about why your sister would deny you these visits, I'm ASTOUNDED that this could happen.

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May 1, 2013

if you contact elderly advocacy groups in your mom's State, there may be free legal consultation.

Soft is right, you can request a "wellness check" and go there w/ the police. Local Alzheimer's group can be supportive and informative.

Private message me if you need more info.

I'm not allowed to call my mom. I am the scapegoat and she doesn't want to talk to/see me. very sad :(

If my mom moves in w/ my brother, my only access to her will be if I go there w/ the police. "I'm concerned about my mom's welfare. I need to know that she is safe."... Police are obliged by law to do a wellness check.

May 13, 2013

Thank you for the info guys and I will contact the advocacy group to get support. God bless you!


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