I answered an ad on Craigslist for a job and this happened:

I answered an ad on Craigslist for a job and this happened: I arrived at the interview and was immediately asked to perform a few duties for which they offered cash payment. I accepted. I had been out of work for months. Later that day the owner of the business came in. He talked to me about helping him rebrand and recruit at his salon. I was hired at his car lot initially. I work in PR and thought my services would definitely help generate revenue. This guy didnt want help with his business he used it to get me alone where he expressed his interest in me, he touched me inappropriately and then pleaded with me not to blackmail him. I was a bit overwhelmed, needless to say I did not keep the job I had been given, he fired me and didnt get the one he offered since he couldnt sleep with me. I recorded what he said to me and I sit thinking about why men do things like this, women work hard we dont deserve this, its frustrating and depressing to know that if the boss cant use you as sexual entertainment you wont get the job.

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Sep 13

Wow this is awful but the sad thing is that it happens to both men and women a lot. It shouldn't happen and I have had my far share of this happening and it sucks but you said you recorded what he said and I would report him to the police. It's totally wrong and he is going to do it again to someone else.

Sep 13

Im contacting the authorities and the business chamber of commerce in that city.


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