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Will I ever stop thinking it’s going to happen again??? Th

Will I ever stop thinking it’s going to happen again??? These thoughts are killing me.

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Aug 18

@Believerinbetter thanks.just having your support helps

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Aug 18

I've been there. Thinking that it will happen to me again. That once it did by a few people that everyone would be able to read it on me and I would be an easier target for another person. And the reality is that this can happen to anyone and unfortunately it happened to us. and it sucks and its beyond painful to live with and hard to heal from. But we did not do anything wrong to deserve it. But to keep pushing through we have to think that good days are in front of us. We have to keep telling ourselves that good things are going to come out way. Be kind to yourself.

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Aug 18

@Trumagirl_0312 You're very welcome!


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