***TRIGGER WARNING*** Disclaimer: This poem is about child

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Disclaimer: This poem is about child abuse. As this subject is extremely sensitive, I advise readers to take time for self-care before, during, and after the reading of this poem.

The Lost Child

Blue skies
As the child cries
If wise
One would dry her eyes
If just a fool
As one who's cruel

Leaving her in pain
Making a stain
Her heart turns cold
Leaving her story untold
Emotions unfold

Feeling confused
The ones who "loved" you
Left in denial and lies
Making you to fend for your own
Never answering the whys

Good morning sky blue
Today, are there any tears
For the truth is due
Have you found any ears
For there are very few
Who hear

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Jul 17, 2019

We are here to listen.


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