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I'm feeling really low... I disassociate when I'm under any

I'm feeling really low... I disassociate when I'm under any type of stress, anyone else out there do this? The abuse I survived is still affecting my life heavily today, and its been over 10 years. I still see my abuser often, he's a close family member. I disassociate with my husband all the time, and he thinks that I don't care enough to really listen. He "gets" what's happening but is still angry with me when it happens. Our sex life isn't great either, I never know how to say "now is not a good time". I always freeze up and just keep quiet. I don't know how to speak up and I don't know how to or what to do to help myself... So I'm here.

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Mar 26

So sorry for the difficult situation. I agree with RoseyViolet, if you've not sought counseling, please consider doing that. A good starting place might be or a counselor referral network ( It sounds like your husband may be more frustrated than angry. Frustrated that he may not know how to help you, how to approach you for intimacy, etc. Perhaps a calm conversation to discuss what you are comfortable with, or even a letter if it's hard to talk about. Maybe one thing could be to set a time for intimacy so it's not a surprise for you (which may be a trigger). Giving him some direction may help both of you enjoy that time more. A counselor can help you find good coping skills to work through the trauma. Prayers for peace, strength, and wisdom as you walk this path.

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May 15

I would highly recommend you go to a marriage counselor so you and your husband can process what you are going through together. I am currently seeing a therapist myself, and me and my husband are seeing a marriage counselor to help during this time. It has been over 6 months now going to therapy (both individual and marriage), but it has relieved some strain in our marriage.

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May 16

And you are NOT alone! I disassociate with my husband as well. I flinch often, and currently do not want to be touched at all. I always freeze up when he pursues me sexually, whether it is verbal or physical. I am fortunate that I do not see my abuser often. I cannot imagine how hard that must be! So sorry, dear.


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