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I’m not sure if this classified as sexual abuse but my boy

I’m not sure if this classified as sexual abuse but my boyfriends best friend, and one of my roommates, tried acid one day and started freaking out so they put him in the same bed as me so he didn’t feel alone. We have shared a bed before because we don’t have a lot of money and only have one bed with four of us. So he would come and take naps in the bed and sometimes I would be in there. Nothing had happened between us and it was like sharing a bed with a sibling. However I woke up to his ***** on my back. I quickly got out of bed and told my bf and other roommate who went to talk to him. He was still tripping and didn’t realize it was me. So we let it go. Fast forward to a month or so and I was drinking a mixed drink. I ended up getting sick and I blacked out in my bathroom. He came in and held my hair back for me. Unconsciously I realized he was aroused and I passed out against him. When I woke up a few minutes later his hand was down my pants and I kept asking for my bf. He kept telling me to go back to sleep but I finally was able to stand up and get away. We avoided each other for a while, my bf fought with him but because he was drunk, the roommate, I told him just to give him one more chance. Eventually he started coming back in to take naps and I was uncomfortable with it but didn’t want to start anything so I didn’t say anything. When he thought I was asleep he would pull it out and rub it on me. I never told my bf, this happened many times, because I was afraid he wouldn’t believe me, this has been his friend since childhood, or the roommate would move on to the other girl that lived with us. He has since stopped but I always wonder if I should tel my bf

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Mar 13, 2018

I think it is sexual abuse, you need to feel safe on your home, try to think how you will be more comfortable,

Mar 13, 2018

We recently moved so I don't get flashbacks from going certain places but now that he has a girlfriend he doesn't mess with me. I think its partially my fault as I like to walk around with no pants but I always have underwear and a shirt covering down to my thighs.


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