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Has anyone on here had success with some kind of sexual ther

Has anyone on here had success with some kind of sexual therapy? I have been looking into therapists and I'm not sure how to pick one. I want to get over the trauma I've gone through and finally just forget about all of it. I want to and am ready to have normal good sex again and I know I can but my mind won't let me. But I want help, asap. This is causing me major anxiety and some days it's so bad. Right now I've been crying hysterically for over an hour.

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Mar 8

@littlemermaid1001 I was going to therapy for sexual abuse a few years ago. It took some trial and error because finding a therapist who specializes in sexual abuse is difficult in my area and some of the therapists I encountered who were not specialists said some very unprofessional things to me which made me want to never seek help again. But then I actually found a wonderful group called Peace Over Violence who provides free counseling for survivors of sexual abuse and they set me up with a wonderful therapist. I saw her for a year and would have kept seeing her if she didn't have to change locations. However, those therapy sessions really helped me work through a lot of the feelings I was trying to work through and helped relieve me of a lot of the self-guilt I was feeling. I was really feeling like the abuse was my fault and like I was doing things that made people rape me.
So, if you're looking for therapy, I would recommend it. Just know it most likely won't be easy at first. Depending on your location it might not be easy trying to find a specialist. However, it might be worth is to just try and find a regular therapist that you really click with but, they might not be trained in rape culture. There are also other organizations you can find that can help to find you a sexual abuse counselor. Just make sure you're really ready to receive counseling because it can get intense. Personally, It took me a few years before I was ready. If you want to talk or have any questions, feel free to message me.

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@Renasaur Thank you so much! I was referred to a therapist and I'm actually talking to her tomorrow for the first time. I really hope it goes well! I want to leave all this behind me. It's been a few years for me already and I'm done living with it, ready to move on. Thank you for your reply and I'm glad you found someone you could click with who could help you.

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Mar 13

@littlemermaid1001 I'm glad I could help! I hope everything goes well for you :)


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