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Would it be healthy sex if I got to know a person before hav

Would it be healthy sex if I got to know a person before having sex with them without a relationship?

Apr 17

It will be like "hey, mom, now l'm doing it right?"... we all have sex with strangers sometimes. Pretending we need to know their background is hypocricy. As for me, l never ask new people the questions they like to answer (about their hometown or the number of children). I don't need stupid information.

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Apr 18

Angry Poet 123, the major difference between our s*xual addiction is that most of us don't want to stop having s*x, but develop healthy behaviours. It is a difficult challenge, because each of us are unique and what are healthy behaviours for one - could be addictive behaviours for another. You spoke of finding a SAA Sponsor in another post - an excellent idea, because he/she can assist you in deciding what are your healthy s*xual behaviours are, define the unhealthy addictive behaviours in your inner circle, and what could be the slippery slope that you should be careful of.

You will define which behaviours are acceptable and find gratitude and healthy enjoyment, and try to avoid and practice abstinence with honesty from the addictive ones that you are powerless too and demoralization you with guilt and shame. It will take time and support from your sponsor and members of your groups, but you will define your own concept of healthy s*xuality. We believe in YOU.
One Day At A Time,

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