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Try having a sex addiction while being in a relationship whe

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Try having a sex addiction while being in a relationship where there is no sex at all and trying to be faithful. I have never cheated but i dont see the point in being faithful anymore ive told him what i want and i never get it so breaking up with him and being able to get what i want seems much more appeasing. I just want to give up on him. He isnt worth this anymore.

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Feb 14, 2018 We broke up CJ

Feb 14, 2018

@SuperNova723 Sorry to hear that. You okay?

Feb 14, 2018

I can relate. It's been 10 years since my wife and I had an intimate moment. As for cheating on him, I support your resistance to it. Not for his sake, he has forsaken you. Just, what message does cheating send to the person you are cheating with? If you are looking for a lasting relationship, don't start one while you and your current other are still under that promise of fidelity.

If not getting the sex you want is what it took to decide to give up on him then maybe it is long over due. There is so much to a relationship beyond sex, if it's all gone then sticking around is hurting you both. You can't find a meaningful relationship while you are with him, but neither can he...regarding integrity.

I'm not saying leave him. That would be entirely out of line. I'm saying, if you look for those other relationship pleasantries and nothing is there, then sex is the least of your problem.


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