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I wanted to say thank you to people. I need to directly resp

I wanted to say thank you to people. I need to directly respond to comments. I'm online working. I found this really cool therapist in my city. He's working with me on the sex addiction. He feels like, after I told him my upbringing, I had a lot of very confusing messages and a hurtful past. He feels like that guy was just a trigger for things that have been brewing under the surface for years. The need to be loved and accepted... He thinks I may have suffered more abuse from my stepfather than I remember. He picked up on the fact I have very selective memory concerning my childhood. Anyways. I feel better today. I found this really cool older guy whose so sweet. He likes me a lot. I'm moving in with him. My therapist said he's talked to a lot of sex addicts. He said my story took the cake lol. He said you're a real woman. I did say thanks Daddy lol. He talked to me on the phone for like an hour and a half. I'm going to see him in person next weekend. I didn't feel judged or condemned by my confessions. I'm trying to get my daughter down this weekend since it's my last weekend in this house. I want to party with her. Lol. I want to meet her boyfriend. Who looks exactly like her dad lol. She agrees she's dating her dad lol. Freud would have a field day. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm still sad about Tyler. i still feel very rejected. Very unappealing to men. Though a lot of guys have written me and expressed concern. They're so sweet... Even if it's not genuine it's nice. My therapist says it's going to take a long time and a lot of work to reprogram myself. I really want to play music again. I'd love to get a synth and get on Soundcloud. I'm still a male worshiper but my therapist said it's okay if I'm just faking it for a while. I'm technically abstinent right now. I guess we'll see how it goes. I haven't really desisted my behavior, I already posted a couple of pics on a certain account I have... But I'm technically not going to meet anyone for a while. So maybe I will fall off the wagon a lot but hopefully succeed someday. He said it's okay to want what I've wanted for so long. To have someone who needs me like I need him. I wouldn't smother him either. I wouldn't GPS him. His time is his own, and I need a lot of alone time and space. If he visited me once or twice a week I'd be happy. And he could do his thing. I don't need a ring on it. Don't know I could be married again. Anyways I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Thanks.

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Aug 13

Looks like you're moving in a good direction. Wonderful ! :)

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Aug 13

@Dagon312 Thanks. So much. Hope you're OK today.


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