I haven't been here in the support group for a while ... mai

I haven't been here in the support group for a while ... mainly because I'm embarrassed to admit that I fell off the wagon several times after going for about a month of sobriety (i.e. no instance of my exhibitionism addiction). I'm really disappointed in myself. I must say, I'm not in control of my urges and one day I'll be caught by neighbors or worse.

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Apr 7

@Loveovercomes Thank you once again for the encouraging words. Sadly, I'm all alone in this. I have no support team. Nobody knows about my addiction except my ex and she was just as addicted as I was (to be transparent, I addicted her over time). I often wonder how she is dealing with the addiction. I'm thinking she likely was able to forget all about our sex-capades in public. I was seeing a therapist a few years ago, and we were starting to get into all of my problems, but she abruptly died of cancer and I was so traumatized that I didn't want to find other help.

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Apr 8

Keep fighting, keep making progress, even little baby steps, that is still progress. No one is perfect, let me repeat that, NOONE is perfect. you dont have to be either. IN regards to being alone in this. YOu have us, this group. we are a group of people helping out each other and working to help each other. I also recommend you check out some local support as much as possible, see if you have any SA groups close. the more you look, even online, it adds more help t you.

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Apr 9

Hey Tom, I've supported you, feel free to support me back if you ever want to message. I know that it's hard, this type of struggle thrives in secrecy. That makes it very hard to ask for help but also to keep some resemblance of privacy, The cool thing about support systems is that you can pick what support system you want in place for this part of your life. If you feel like it's best to keep it on here away from the people that you are around day to day than that is a choice you get to make and no one can say it's right or wrong, its yours. Just know that you have people. You have us here, there are SA groups that meet in person and over the phone, especially a therapist if you feel like that's something that you can do.

Your journey is a daily process and so far, if I understand correctly, you've been walking it in one hell of a storm and all alone. If you want, we'll walk with you, it still may be stormy but at least you won't be alone.

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